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Municipal By-laws

TL;DR no sky/Chinese lanterns, no fireworks except long weekends, no daytime burning. For more information, visit the Dysart website.

West Bay Landfill Information


5409 Haliburton Lake Rd, Eagle Lake, Ontario, K0M 1M0

Summer Hours (May 1 – Sept 30)

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: Closed
Wednesday & Saturday
Sunday & Holiday Mondays: 11am-7pm

Winter Hours (Oct 1 – April 30)

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat: Closed
Thursday, Sunday, & Holiday Monday

For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Municipality’s site

History of Percy Lake

In the early 1800’s, Percy Lake was one of many, many lakes in “Upper Canada” or “Canada West” that was known as Pine Lake.

In 1859, the Crown Lands Department in Canada advertised a block of land for sale in the District of Haliburton. The purpose for the sale of the land was to promote rapid settlement of the newly created townships in the District through private enterprise. The townships included in the sale were Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Gilford, Harburn, Bruton, Havelock, Eyre, Clyde, and Langford.

In 1861, the land was purchased by a group of English gentlemen, headed by the Honourable Mr. Justice T.C. Haliburton, and the Canada Land and Emigration Company Limited was formed under the laws of Great Britain in 1862. Percy Lake, as well as Kingscote Lake and Farquhar Lake, were named after principles in the company (reference: Early Days in Haliburton by H.R. Cummings). Continue Reading…

Percy Lake Fish

Small mouth bass with vertical stripes

Small Mouth Bass

L: 25 – 50 cm (10 – 20 in.)

K: Upper jaw does not extend beyond eye; shallow notch between dorsal fins; body often with dark, broken bars.

2019 Season: June 22 – Nov 30

Large mouth bass

Large Mouth Bass

L: 25 – 55 cm (10 – 22 in.)

K: upper jaw extends beoynd the eye; deep notch between dorsal fins; body often with a broken horizental stripe.

2019 Season: June 22 – Nov 30

Yellow perch

Yellow Perch

L: 15 – 30 cm (6 – 12 in.)

K: 6 to 8 dark, vertical bands on sides, alternating with light yellow to yellow-green.

2019 Season: open all year

Pumpkinseed fish


L: 18 – 23 cm (7 – 9 in.)

K: 3 anal fin spines; wavy, blue-green stripes on sides of head; ear flap with orange or red spot.

2019 Season: N/A

White sucker fish

White Sucker

L: 30 – 50 cm (12 – 20 in.)

K: torpedo-shaped; round in cross-section; scales smaller than redhorse sucker.

2019 Season: N/A

Lake Trout fish

Lake Trout (Kingscote Silver & Manitou)

L: 30 – 80 cm (12 – 31 in.)

K: light wormlike markings and spots on dark background, none red; deeply forked tail; white leading edge on lower fins, but no black line.

2019 Season: Jan 1 – Sept 30

Information from Read more about 2019 fishing season limits.

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