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2018 Summer


Anna Tilman


Happy Canada Day!

On behalf of the PLRA Board, we extend our warmest welcome and wish you all an enjoyable and pleasant summer at Percy Lake with friends and family. For the coming week, we wish you all a happy holiday, especially the long weekend be it celebrating Canada Day and /or Independence Day.

Just a few items to note:

PLRA Membership – Reminder

The annual PLRA membership fee is a modest $30 per family. A reminder to renew and/or join PLRA was sent out a couple weeks ago, so this is another reminder of the value and importance of joining PLRA.

A membership form is included for your convenience.

WEATHER AND LAKE WATER LEVELS – Haliburton and Northern Areas

Needless to say, the weather has been erratic and somewhat unpredictable. Most recently, a tornado-like storm hit North Curry Rd mid-June, resulting in a lengthy power outage (about 52 hours for Percy Lake) and heavy rainfall.

Parks Canada’s water management team monitors water levels and flows, and weather forecasts to determine dam operations on a daily basis for the Trent-Severn Waterway. Accordingly to their site, “rainfall amounts for May and June have been significantly below normal with highly localized precipitation events. The current 14-day forecast suggests a transition to high temperatures (about 20 mm of rain forecasted for June 27th and about an additional 30 mm in the longer range forecast.)”

Most lakes are near long-term average water levels. The Gull River reservoirs are 95% full and Burnt River reservoirs are 93% full. The Central Reservoirs are 98% full. Depending on the rain received on the 27th, the drawdown could begin as early as the end of the week. In the Haliburton reservoir lakes area, drawdown occurs throughout the summer season to address downstream needs along the Trent-Severn Waterway. The high water levels are forecast to ease, as drawdown begins.

More information

The Oblong Bridge, Fort Irwin:

Bridge reconstruction has just begun, resulting in the roadway being reduced to one lane, so be careful when turning into Ft Irwin. Considering the condition of the bridge, and its vital importance, we are relieved that this work has finally begun.

PLRA Board
Our current Board members are as follows:

  • Anna Tilman: President
  • Brian Edey: Secretary
  • Koko Yamamoto: Treasurer
  • Graham Warren: Past President
  • Lou Kiriakou: Live Release Bass Tournament and Newsletter Printing
  • Jim Richert: Full season Fishing Contest and Lake Development
  • Katherine Nanowski: Member-at-Large
  • Lake Steward: Mick Tilman

Have a great time this summer, and I look forward to meeting you at our AGM August 4 (1019 Bernie’s Rd), the Fishing Tournament and the Pot-Luck events August 18 (1547 Percy Lake Rd), and of course, on the lake or thereabouts.

A reminder for each event along with relevant details will be sent out.

Best regards,
Anna Tilman, President PLRA, annatilman@sympatico.ca